An İnterview


Orhan Taylan by Orhan Taylan


Orhan Taylan's works do not take place in Turkish Modern Art Museums, nor in the museums around the world. He does not care much about those who struggle to exclude him from Turkish art anthologies. He does not exhibit his work abroad, with the aim of becoming a celebrity. He is not concerned in writing prison memoirs nor in boasting about his pasha family background. he does not participate in group shows. He does not take place among jury members of art competitions, because he disapproves of an artist judging other artists.

He does not grow a beard, nor does he smoke a pipe. He does not underestimate the tradition of mastership in painting. He does not withhold his suspicions on the contribution of giving art lessons on artistic creativity. He is not convinced that exaggerated prices will influence people about the importance of his work. He does not use watercolors. He does not make prints or multiples of any kind nor does he duplicate his sculptures. He does not decline the joy he gets from preparing his own oil colors, from being with his son Ferhat, from using a macintosh and using a vast studio for his work. He never does without his evening drinks. He is lefthanded.

He does not identify his artistic style among the -ism's. He does not believe that the efforts to replace the art of painting with conceptualistic works of extra-pictorial language will convince art lovers. He does not underestimate the notion of human rights. He believes that standing up for democracy both against a police-state and a fundemalist state, is a virtue. He lives and works in Asmalimescit, Istanbul.